libAntimony  2.7
Antimony: A modular human-readable, human-writeable model definition language

Antimony is a text-based model definition language originally based on Jarnac, and extended to be fully modular. Antimony models can be converted to and from SBML, flattening the modularity in the process. See also: Features of the Antimony language

Our article in Bioinformatics can be used as a reference to Antimony. Our more recent article on translation efforts uses both Antimony and JSim.

The sourceforge default Antimony project page can be perused for bug reports, source code, and links to earlier versions of Antimony.


All users:


  • Source code - a full package including the source code for libAntimony and QTAntimony as well as all documentation. (You will also need libSBML v5.0.0 or higher to be able to translate to SBML, and the CellML SDK to be able to translate to CellML.)
  • Windows binaries v2.7 - includes the needed include/ and .lib files to program with libAntimony.
  • Other Downloads - The above packages as well as previous versions.


All users:



  • antimony-discuss is the mailing list to use for questions or for other interactions with the Antimony developers and the Antimony community.
  • or you can report a bug if you have any issues with Antimony or QTAntimony, whether bugs in the code or inadequacies of the documentation.

libAntimony is distributed under the BSD License. The Windows binary includes a libSBML dll, which is released under the LGPL. libSBML, in turn, relies on expat, released under the MIT license, the gzip dll, released under the GPL, and a bzip dll, released under the BSD license. DLLs from the CellML API are also included, released under a triple GPL, LGPL, and MPL license. In addition, QTAntimony comes with QT dll's, which are released under the LGPL